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$ 10.00

Duckweed - Lemna minor - Duckweed is a floating aquatic plant with 2 small leaves that are about 2 millimeters across. It thrives in slow moving fresh water and can form a solid mat in a short time. It is an excellent high protein food source for ducks, geese, and other poultry. It can also be harvested and added to a compost pile. It is generally a good idea to start your plants in a protected environment (like a bucket) and get it going well there before transplanting to a pond or aquaculture system. Works great in Aquaponics systems. Also- this should not be introduced to natural or wild waterways for fear of it becoming invasive. SSF

DW1 - Live plants~ 1/2 cup = $10.00

* Please note that this is frost sensitive and cannot be shipped to areas that receive frost until after April 1st - and this is not a joke (;

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