Red Azolla, Mosquito Fern

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 10.00

Red Azolla, Mosquito Fern - Azolla filiculoides - Aquatic Plant. This is a remarkable water fern that grows to about 1/4- 1/2" wide and floats on the surface of water. It is nitrogen fixing and can contain up to 45% protein making it an incredible food for waterfowl and other poultry. We have fed it to baby chickens that are only week old and watched them devout it up. It is also known by the name Mosquito fern for its ability to vigorously grow rapidly such that it can completely cover the surface of a body of water such that it prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water. It can be regularly harvested and composted or fed livestock. it can double its biomass once per week during warmer weather. Azolla is used extensively in organic rice paddy systems. A true wonder plant! You will be sent a sealed plastic bag with a half cup of plants. Cannot be sent to northern regions during the winter due to risk of cold weather killing them. Also- this shoukd not be introduced to natural or wild waterways for fear of it becoming invasive. SSF

AZ1 - 1/2 cup of live plants = $10.00

* Please note that this is frost sensitive and cannot be shipped to areas that receive frost until after April 1st - and this is not a joke (;

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