Cover Crop, Peas, Dunedale


$ 4.50

Dunedale Peas

Pisum sativum

Dunedale peas are an annual legume used in cover crops to produce organic matter & nitrogen, or as forage.  They do best when mixed with cereal grains and/or legumes; they use the other plants for support to climb on with their upward growth.  As a cover crop they break down quickly after incorporation and can produce high amounts of nitrogen, this nitrogen can be available to the subsequent cash crop.  Also Make Great pea shoots / microgreens for winter salads!! (See photos)

Plant at 100 pounds per acre. Or 3 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.

1/2 pound (for microgreens and shoots!):

1 pound:

3 pounds:

5 pounds:

* We regret that we are unable to ship this product internationally in amounts larger than 1 pound *

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