Dahlia Seed, Harlequin Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

DAHLIA Seed, Harlequin Mix

Dahlia x hybrid  

That’s right, it’s a dahlia from seed!  Playful, bi-colored and single-colored collarette-type dahlias liven up your garden borders and containers with semi-double blooms in magenta-white, scarlet-yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, and ivory.  Compact plants growing to 16” tall form (edible) tubers that can be lifted from the garden and stored to grow next season, or held in a pot and protected until frost free days come around again in Spring.  Because of its short stature, this dahlia begins to bloom early and will keep going until Fall frost.  SSF.

Packet - 1/2 g (~60 seeds) 

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