Cover Crop, Peas, Magnus


$ 7.00

Magnus Peas 

Pisum sativum

These are an annual legume used to produce organic matter & nitrogen, or as forage.  They do best when mixed with cereal grains and/or legumes which they use for support to climb on with thier upward growth.  As a cover crop they break down quickly after incorperation and can produce high amounts of nitrogen, this nitrogen can be available to the subsequent crop.  Magnus Peas are not winter dormant and grow rapidly through the winter producing more biomass earlier than winter dormant type peas.  Can grow to 3-5' depending on fertility. They can get winter killed in very cold climates.

Also Make Great pea shoots / microgreens for winter salads!! (See photos) 

Plant at 100 pounds per acre. Or 3 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.

1 pound

3 pounds

5 pounds

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