Heirloom Tomato Discovery

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 40.00

Heirloom Tomato Discovery  Bundle

Here is a great gift for the curious gardener in your life.  This is an assortment of 10 packets of various heirloom tomatoes - slicers, paste, big beefsteak types and more. We maintain over 100 varieties of tomatoes and we have sifted through them to find the gems! Farm taste test approved! This collection includes Amish paste, Black Russian, Burbank Slicing, Brandywine, Gold Currant, Granny Cantrell's, Marvel Striped, Nebraska Wedding, Moldovan Green and Red Calabash. We reserve the right to make exchanges with other similar varieties based on availability.

10 Packets-  we chose the varieties see above!

A savings of 10% when bought as a collection!


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