New For 2022

Hold on to your hats folks, we are excited to announce 30 New Varieties for 2022!

Many folks begin planning their gardens as soon as the Fall weather cools down.  Don't miss out on trying out our latest discoveries of farm-tested and celebrated organic seed offerings.

Those that are up have a hyperlink (hover the cursor over the name and click on it)

Please note that we do not have a print catalog for 2022, however we are putting together a downloadable  pdf version that we hope to have available soon  

Here's what you can anticipate being able to order beginning in mid-December:

New Varieties for 2022


    Bean, Resiliant Breeder Mix

    Bean, Skunk

    Bean, Mitla Black Tepary

    Bean, Jackson Wonder Lima

    Beet, Lutz Green Leaf

    Broccoli, Waltham

    Brussels Sprouts, Long Island Improved

    Calendula, Alpha

    Celeriac, Bianco del Veneto

    Chicory, Rossa Italiana

    Corn, Martian Jewels

    Corn, Spero's Orange Sweet

    Cucumber, Green Finger

    Huazontle, Aztec Spinach

    Jelly Melon, Kiwano, aka African Horned Melon

    Lettuce, Manoa

    Lettuce, Capitain

    Lettuce, Nancy Butter

    Lettuce, Winter Density

    Milkweed, Ice Ballet

    Mustard, Wasabina

    Nasturtium, Cherry Rose

    Nicotiana, Yellow Oronicco

    Peas, Sweet Gem

    Pepper, Aji Cristal

    Pepper, Kalocsai Paprika

    Pepper, Picnic Mix Sweet

    Quinoa, Kaslala

    Sorghum, Coral

    Tomato, Caro Rich

    Tomato, Atomic Grape

    Tomato, Paul Robeson

    Tomato, Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry

    Turnips, Golden Globe

    Turnips, Purple Top White Globe

    Winter Squash, Butternut clan mix




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