Beans, Fava, Midnight Black

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Beans, Fava, Midnight Black (80 days to green shelling beans) 

Vicia faba

This was a gift From Sierra seed-steward Rowen White. We are now excited to share these little onyx black gems with you too! Fava beans make an excellent staple crop that fills the gap before the summer crops come on, which is why they are popular among many subsistence farmers around the world particularly in the Middle East, Meso-America and the Mediterranean. Best planted in fall, or late winter ( February or March), they grow to about 30" tall and produce many 6" pods, which have pale green beans when harvested for fresh shelling (delicious steamed with salt like Edamame), or if left to dry on the stalk they turn to a shiny black. HEIRLOOM. SSF

Packet: 1/2 oz

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