Collards, Tree Collard Cuttings

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 15.00

Collards, Tree Collard Cuttings - As seen in the late Robert Hart's classic book, "The forest Garden". Also known by the name Tree Kale, it is a somewhat wild relative of Collards and is grown from cuttings. Tree Collards live as a perennial in zones 7 or 8 and warmer (below 20 F will damage the plant). Can grow to over 10 feet tall, if it's staked. Leaves are like a flattened kale/collard leaf, but generally sweeter flavored. Leaves and stems turn a lovely purple in cooler weather. Thrives in shade to partial shade, yet can withstand temperartures up to 100 F. You will be sent 3 unrooted cuttings that will grow roots if you put them in well-drained soil and keep them in a warm, but shady spot. Once they are rooted, they just continue to growand grow with stems becoming woody. They will occaisionally flower, but seed is rare. HEIRLOOM. SSF.

CL2 - 3 unrooted cuttings = $15.00

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