Corn, Apache Red, Flour

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Corn, Apache Red, Flour (115 days)  ORGANIC

Original seed obtained from the USDA Plant Introduction Center in Ames, Iowa, but initially from the San Carlos Apache peoples. The deep red/maroon (almost black) kernels have soft centers and can be ground into a fine flour for cornbread and tamales.  Stalks grow to 6-7 feet in height.  Makes an excellent grinding corn.

In researching the origin of this variety I was able to verify that we should be selecting for the darkest red ears in the maintainence of this variety in talking with Ramon Riley at the White Mountain Apache reservation.  He told a story shared with him by his grandmother that they were the Roadrunner clan and the keepers of the "black" corn.


 GROWING IN 2019 - available in December 2019

CO14:  Packet (One Ounce) - $3.95

             Half Pound - $18.00

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