Corn, Painted Hill, Sweet

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95


Painted Hill Sweet Corn, Zea Mays (85 days to fresh eating) ORGANIC

Early-maturing, cold hardy, vigorous sweet corn; also a flour & ornamental variety; small plants with beautifully diverse, multi-colored kernels. Originally from a cross between Dave Christenson's Painted Mtn. flour corn and Luther Hill by Alan Kapuler.  Part of the goal was to create a sweet corn that possessed the superior cold soil emergence traits of the Painted Mountain flour corn.  Multi color corns are naturally high in anti-oxidents such as anthocyanin and beta carrotene. HOO

* Harvest when the kernals produce a milky white fluid, if it’s clear it’s too early, and if there is no fluid, it’s too late and they’ll be starchy (however good for roasting still).

CO22: Packet = 1 ounce - $3.95

1/4 Pound - $10

1/2 lb = $18.00

1 pound = $25

* photos by Wali Tipping

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