Corn Salad / Mache

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Corn Salad / Mache (30-50 days)

Valerianella locusta

This is delightful, semi-weed diminutive tender green.  For us it reliably volunteers every winter in our greenhouses.  This is a unique mildly sweet flavored herb related to Valerian, but with out the sedative power of it's cousin's roots.  Popular in Europe for centuries, the Vilmorin seed company in France called it, "Verte a Coeur Plein" in 1885.  Mache forms a small clump of strap shaped leaves that at some point someone thought resembled a young corn plant.  Can readily grow in cold weather.  Can be cut a few times before it forms a small cluster of flowers, which if left to go to seed will readily self sow.  SSF

Packet: 2g.


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