Corn, Wachichu Flint

Family Famers Seed Cooperative

$ 3.95

Corn, Wachichu Flint (95-105 days)  ORGANIC

Wachichu Flint is an open pollinated flint corn whose hard, translucent seed kernels produce a spectacular range of colors and patterns.  It can be roasted or ground for flour or meal.  Its vigorous growth and extensive tillers make it an excellent forage for animals.  David Podall, the farmer in North Dakota who maintains this variety, personally hand sorts all the ears to make certain that no yellow kernels wind up in his seed, because he has found that when this flour corn crosses with GMO corn, only the yellow ones are those that have been contaminated.  We applaud this dedication to seed purity and integrity!  PRO

CO11: Packet (One Ounce) - $3.95

           Half Pound - $18.00

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