Garlic, Chinese Pink

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 18.00

Garlic, Chinese Pink

Turban Type

We are very intrigued by this unique type of garlic (the Turban type) that falls somewhere between softneck and hardneck garlic. Some people refer to it as a bolting softneck. It typically grows scapes like a hardneck type does, however it does not have the tough inner core that varieties like our German White and Chesnok Red do. It has 8-10 cloves per bulb. Comparable to the variety "Uzbekistan".

Amazingly this variety matures a full 4-6 weeks ahead of our other garlics, finishing out in mid May to June 1st, whereas our other garlics are ready closer to July 4th.  This is a welcome harvest to compliment the palette of fresh food available that time of year.

Its flavor is mild and smooth and mellow enough to use in any dish.  Bulb wrappers are white and conceal pink clove wrappers. 


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