Garlic, Creole Red

Siskiyou Seeds

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This variety is not available for the August 2nd Pre-Sale

Creole Red

A Creole type originating in the Pyrenees mountain region of Spain and France this easy to grow variety has clean white bulb wrappers around brilliant scarlet cloves.  Performs very well in areas with mild winters, early springs and hot summers.  They fall somewhere between a softneck and a hard neck garlic and only produce scapes in more northern areas, or those with some cold in the winter.

They can grow to about 2- 2& 1/2" in diameter with 6-10 largish cloves.  Their flavor is rich and mild, which works great in recipes that call for raw garlic, like pesto.

1/2 pound - $13

1 pound - $24

2 pounds - $45

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