Quinoa, Siskiyou Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95


Quinoa, Siskiyou Mix, Chenopodium quinoa (100-120 days)  ORGANIC

Quinoa has become a staple of many meals outside of the Andes in the last ten years, however, many people have yet to grow their own.  Being a crop of the high Andes, many strains only perform well at high altitudes.  I was curious to begin a breeding project to develop an adapted strain for the Pacific Northwest, so I obtained 8 strains from MESA and grew them all together with our standard variety, Faro.  Being outcrossers, they have all intermated and I now have what is know as a swarm, or a multi-line hybrid.  I will regrow this season and select the best producers from it. You can do the same and take an important step towards self-sufficiency. SSF

QN2: Packet (2 1/2 g ≈ 1400 seeds) - $3.95

         One Ounce (≈ 20,000 seeds) - $20.00


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