Rutabaga, Nadmorska

Hands on Organics

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Rutatbaga, Nadmorska

Brassica napus(85-100 days) 

Rutabagas occupy a special place at the table for their value as a winter storage crop.  Much neglected in many modern American gardens they will feed you when all the tomatoes and summer squash are but a fleeting memory.  This beauty has yellowish flesh and leaves that resemble kale (and can be eaten as such if needed) that is most excellent cooked and mashed.  Mild flavor.  Great storage ability.  Easy to grow.  Best suited as a fall crop that would be sown in July here in Oregon.  Grown by Alan Adesse at Hands On organics.

Packet: (1g.)

Bulk: 1 oz (≈ 8,000 seeds)


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