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Seed Tokens - Seed CSA

The Seed Tokens program rewards you for purchasing seed early and in blocks of $100, $200, $300 or $400 by offering a discount when you commit to buying seed by 12/31/20 which helps us pay our seed growers and other up front costs of managing our seed hub in a timely way.

There is no upfront cost for the Seed Tokens.  You will receive a discount code via email that you can apply to your order and then you order seeds individually from the website in the normal way. So if this interests you, then you add this to your cart and then we will apply the appropriate discount. 

$100 = 5% discount

$200 = 10% discount

$300 = 15% discount

$400 = 20% discount

Must be redeemed by purchased by 12/31/20


Thanks for joining is the circle of seed stewards here.




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