Shallots, Golden

Myrtle Creek Farm

$ 14.00


Shallots, Golden
Allium cepa

Dutch type, yellow skin with golden flesh, they tend to be more pungent raw than other shallots with an upfront flavor that sweetens considerably when sautéed, thus well suited to caramelizing. Vigorous growers but when fall planted in cold climates these are prone to bolting, providing shallot scapes. Golden yields heavily and has excellent storage. Thanks to Garlicana for helping us source these through Myrtle Creek Farms.

Shallots are thought to have been brought to Europe from the Middle East by returning Crusaders and later popularized by Charles the Great, aka Emperor Charlemagne in early 9th century CE. MCF. 

1/2 lb. $14

1 lb. - $26

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