Cover Crop, Triticale, Bunker


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Triticale, Bunker (X Titicosecale)

A cross between wheat and cereal rye.  Bunker is winter active, awnletted (reduced awn expression) variety used primarily as a green chop -whole-plant forage, for hay, or for a very high yielding cover crop.  Bunkers awnletted characteristic makes more palatable hay than a fully awned (bearded) variety.  When used and a cover crop, Bunker provides benefits similar to winter active varieties of cereal rye (i.e. AGS104 Rye and Merced Rye); high biomass production, weed suppression, greatly improved water penetration, and excellent cycling of residual nutrients.  Bunker would be considered a standard height cultivar.  It can be planted in Fall and Winter in most areas of California.  Bunker should be planted in the Spring in colder areas, it will have the same growing season as Spring Wheat.

 * We regret that we are unable to ship this product internationally in amounts larger than 1 pound *

Plant at 120-150 pounds per acre.

Certified Organic by C.C.O.F

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