Seed CSA, Urban

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 90.00

Urban Garden / Container Garden Seed CSA

We recognize that gardening is a significant act at all scales from large to small, so in this vein we are offering another option of our popular Seed CSA subscription program to cater to those of you who may be gardening in containers, rooftops, balconies or smaller community garden plots.

You will receive 3 shipments totaling 27 packets of seeds through the season to encourage keeping on a good planting rhythm to have successions of fresh veggies in your garden.  Each shipment will be accompanied by growing tips and links to videos to help you be successful in your seed starting efforts.

You benefit through:

• discounts on seed,

• free shipping

• being apart of a community - we encourage people to share pictures of their gardens, family and meals that we will use (with your permission) in our social media and website. 

• Healthy fresh vegetables!

4 Installment Subscription: $90


* Photo Credits - The image of the man on the balcony is one I found on the internet and think is absolutely awesome.  If you took the photo, know who did or know the man in it - I'd love to be able to credit you appropriately, so please don't hesitate to contact us. The nice rows of vegetables is from a rooftop managed by TopLeaf Farms in Berkeley, CA


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