Dahlia, Cornel Bronze

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 8.00

Dahlia, Cornel Bronze  Dahlia hybrida  ORGANIC

Bronzy and slightly iridescent, Cornel Bronze reaches 4” across.  It gradually shifts in color over the season from lighter to darker and pairs well with nearly every other color in the patch.  Generally, the ball shaped dahlias like Cornel Bronze have longer vase life.  A must-have for those fond of peach dahlias as it’s on the richer side and contrasts well with lighter shades of that color.  Also, these plants produce a large number of flowers.  Native to Mexico where the Aztecs called them “ cocoxochitl or acocotli".  Grown by SSF.

DCB2 1 tuber for $8.00

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to ship Dahlia tubers internationally.

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