Mission, Vision & Values


Siskiyou Seeds grows, develops, and distributes open-pollinated, ethically-sourced, organic seeds of the highest quality throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We build collaborative relationships that cultivate healthy community models and learning environments. We provide well-adapted seed genetics, regenerative agriculture techniques and employment opportunities. We collaborate with small organic farms to encourage successful small-scale food production, generative economies, and thriving bioregional ecologies.


Siskiyou Seeds envisions a world where the exchange of open-pollinated, open-source seed furthers autonomy, resilience and community food sovereignty. Our North star guides us towards a reality where commercial seed distribution becomes once again obsolete!

Core Values

  1. Seed Freedom - We cultivate vigorous, open-source seed that is held in the public domain to empower food sovereignty, security and encourage people to save their own bioregionally-adapted seeds.

  2. Reciprocity with Nature and Community - We only grow organic, open-pollinated seeds using regenerative agricultural techniques to support the diversity of the Siskiyou bioregions’ plants and people.

  3. Thriving Relations - We foster a working environment that values the importance of all of the parts that make up our whole, from soil and seed to hands and hearts.

  4. Culture of Curiosity - We are lifelong learners and curate empowering environments to share and exchange wisdom to embody humility, inquiry, and innovation.

Blessings to you and your family.


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