• Video Interview o...

    A great 40 minute interview that I was fortunate to do with the Our Family Farms non-profit that advocates Family Farms and GMO free seed sanctuaries. https://youtu.be/VaGGQoogNAw

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  • Onion growing Tips

    Here is a transcript and audio interview from an interview with Margaret Roach and her excellent gardening podcast, "A Way to Garden" on growing onions from seed. https://awaytogarden.com/grow-onions-from-seed-with-seed-breeder-don-tipping-of-siskiyou-seeds/

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  • Brassica Growing ...

    Here is an interview with Margaret Roach on her excellent gardening podcast: A Way to Garden https://awaytogarden.com/success-brassicas-including-brussels-sprouts-don-tipping/

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  • Seed Starting Basics

    Here is a short 11 minute video detailing how we start most seeds. Click the Link Below to view: https://youtu.be/uVaB3rxB_eo

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  • Winter Garden Pla...

    Winter Garden Planning I am here savoring winter, sitting here sipping warm tea, delighting in the play of sunlight on rain droplets from last nights’ rains, contemplating plans for late winter garden efforts.  This is a good time to alchemize what lessons were gleaned from last season with all...

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  • Seed Growing & GM...

    Earth Repair Radio - Podcast from 3/24/17 EPISODE 004 – DON TIPPING Organic Seed Farming and the GMO Struggle Don talks about his legal battles against GMO pollen contamination, his amazing Permaculture farm, reaching out to the next generation of yo...

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