New for 2024!

Announcing 15 New Varieties!

Don't miss out on trying out our latest discoveries of farm-tested and celebrated seed offerings. Click on the new varieties below to visit the product page and read all about our new offerings! Hyperlinks to the new varieties will be updated as soon as the new seeds pass germination testing.

New Varieties for 2024


    Beans, Tendergreen

    Cucumber, Snow’s Fancy 

    Pepper, Gochugaru

    Summer Squash, Compost Creature Mix

    Tomato, Old Carolina

    Tomato, Tlacolula Pink

    Tomato, Tlacolula Gold

    Wintersquash, Honeynut



    Maltese Cross

    Strawflower, Apricot Mix  (coming soon!)

    Strawflower, Copper Red

    Strawflower, Purple Sunset

    Sweetpea, Blue Ripple  (coming soon!)

    Zinnia, Dreamin Remix 

    Zinnia, Tidepool Mix



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