Permaculture Consultation with Don Tipping

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$ 90.00


 Preliminary Phone or Zoom call

Are you looking to take your land based project to another level? Perhaps you have gotten started and would benefit from some professional advice and direction to bring your system to its full potential. Or are you looking at purchasing a site and want some help "checking your math"?

Don Tipping brings 3 decades of organic farming, permaculture design and teaching and intensive study of natural systems to your project whether it’s a garden, home site, homestead, property development, broad scale farm to landscape scale design.

Well thought out designs can provide many practical and ecological benefits, including:

  • Pleasing whole system design
  • Yielding food, herbs, medicine, and other useful products.
  • Building soil and biodiversity.
  • Creating stimulating, educational, and safe play spaces for children, free of toxic chemicals.
  • Reducing your ecological footprint, while increasing self- and community-reliance.
  • Deepening your connection with the Earth.
  • Creating wildlife habitat in your backyard.
  • Passive solar and similar approaches can result in lower long-term housing costs.
  • Conserving and harvesting water.
  • Increasing property value, financially and otherwise.
  • Pre-Acquisition Assessment of Properties
  • Effective Strategies to Restore Health to Degraded Sites
  • Facilitation of Master Planning Processes
  • Development of Educational Programs for Project Stakeholders
  • Identification of Site-Appropriate Micro-Enterprises
  • Design of Edible and other Functional Landscapes
  • Whole farm / property design, planning and mapping
  • Forest Garden Design, planning, design and installation
  • Multifunctional Hedgerows
  • Keyline water management Strategies: Ponds, swales, contour canals and simple eco-aquaculture
  • Rotational Grazing Systems
  • Seed Production and adaptation for climate resilience
  • Ecological woodland management including prescribed burning

Don can assist with the following:

* Site Assessment & evaluation 
* Mapping and Design
* Drone footage, images and map overlays
* Species lists for existing vegetation 
* Homesite siting and evaluation 
* Earthworks for roads, drainage, ponds, catchment, and swales
* Food forest design, planting design and plant procurement
* Comprehensive phased design and step by step implementation planning
* Site walk, and surveying for earth works  

Select either :

* 30 minute initial consult by clicking the ADD TO CART button below.

* 60 minute consult

You will receive an email shortly after with a link where you can schedule a 30 minute appointment with Don via phone or over Zoom. 

Beyond the initial consult Rates vary depend on the scope of the project and distance, starting at $180/hr. and $0.65/mile for travel.


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