Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tours

Welcome to Siskiyou Seeds Farm!

Farm Tours take place on our home farm Siskiyou Seeds in Williams, Oregon. While Siskiyou Seeds is generally closed to the public, we open for special educational opportunities like this! 

Tours are 4 hours long and run from 9am until 1pm. Please bring good shoes, a hat, a water bottle and lunch or a snack as needed! All participants must pre-register. 

We will cover general permaculture design concepts including:

• Observation -> Assessment -> Design -> Evaluation
• Zone & Sectors
• Keyline Water Systems (ponds, swales and ditches)
• Soil Fertility & Animal Systems
• Cottage Industry & Vertically integrated Farm Businesses
• Mentorship & Education
• Ecological Forestry & Food Forests & Hedgerows
• Regenerative / Organic Agriculture
• Community Resilience 

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4/28/23: Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour (a la carte or as part of a weekend Permaculture Homestead Design Intensive)

5/12/23: Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour  (a la carte or as part of the 3 day Siskiyou Seeds Spring Seed Academy)

6/9/23Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour (a la carte or as part of the Permaculture Water Systems Intensive)

9/9/23 – Farm Tour & Cider tasting

10/6/23Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour (a la carte or as part of the Siskiyou Seeds Fall Seed Academy)



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