Broom Corn, Red Hungarian

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Broom Corn, Red Hungarian

Sorghum bicolor  (100 to 110 days)  

Although commonly called "Broom Corn",  is not truly corn. However it is related to corn in being a grass and in its growth habit.  The stalks are similar to corn but they do not produce ears. Seed heads appear from the tops of the plants instead of a tassel. Grows from 8-12' depending on fertility.  Makes a great living screen and/or trellis for pole beans.  Seeds formed in a loose panicle in a pretty orange / red color and are useful as a homestead grown poultry feed, or for ornamental use in wreaths.

Once stripped of the seed, the seed stalks are traditionally used to make a highly functional broom.  Simply bunch a few stalks tightly together with wire or twine. The Amish are noted as having invented the flat bottomed broom through ingeniously figuring out a way to stitch the rough stalks into a flat shape that most of the world still uses today.  Before that brooms were round in shape as you may have seen in old sketches.

A rewarding crop to grow!

Packet- 1 g (~95 seeds)

Bulk: 1 oz 


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