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$ 300.00

Here is a unique opportunity to be part of a community of seed stewards through enrolling in a membership with our Community Supported Agriculture program for this year.  You will receive monthly shipments ( 4-5 total depending on which size you chose) of seasonally appropriate, open pollinated, organic seeds with special planting instructions and growing suggestions.  We will also include perks such as special varieties that we don't offer normally through our website, including unreleased breeding projects and rare seed that we have in limited quantities.

For those of you unfamiliar with the CSA model, it was developed as a way for people to get more involved with the source of sustenance - our farms and farmers through supporting them directly.  Here is how it works: you sign up early in the season, helping the farmer with dearly needed early season cash-flow and a known customer base.  In exchange you receive more than fair market value in produce (the typical model) for your investment.

The work of developing regionally adapted vegetable varieties is not easy work - it can take years of growing and selecting with careful observation.  However, this is crucial work that helps our food crops to evolve to thrive in organic garden conditions.  We are passionate about this work and honestly feel that it is one of the most relevant responses to climate change that we can be doing in this time.  We are reaching out to our valued community of seed customers to help support us in doing this.

Why else might you be interested in joining?

* The varieties that we send will include our favorite tried and try garden standbys that we think you would want to be planting during that particular window of time. Varieties that we think you will be successful and happy with.

* It will help you to stay on top of planting rotations for crops like peas, beans, lettuce, cilantro that you would probably want to have a continuous supply of.

* Chances are you will be more successful with getting your winter garden seeded early enough to be successful because we will send you the seeds in time to get fall roots, cabbages, garlic, favas, and so forth, started.

* Planting guides and growing tips will be included and links to YouTube videos that we hope you will find helpful.

* Be apart of a forward thinking community that is building strength through associations.


First installment of seed ships out after February 1st


Due to free shipping, no International orders available. Sorry!


Homestead CSA: $300 for an abundant collection of seed packets, bulk peas, corn, beans, and salad greens. Also in time for fall planting we will send you a few pounds of garlic seed. (30% savings) = CSA3

* shipping is included in the price (along with growing guides)

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