Cactus, Burbank Spineless

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$ 12.00

Cactus, Luther Burbank Spineless Cutting

Oputina hybrid

Between 1907 and 1925, Luther Burbank introduced more that 60 varieties of spineless cacti. These were developed mostly from hybrids of varieties of the Indian fig (Opuntia ficus-indica) and the Mexican prickly pear (Opuntia tuna), and were offered in two main types: the fruiting varieties, grown for their variously colored and flavored prickly pears, and the forage varieties, grown for their edible pads (properly called thalli or nopalitos), which could be fed raw to livestock or cooked for human consumption.

This cactus can grow to over 10' tall, however, in most northern areas it is more likely to grow to 5-6' tall. Staking may be necessary.  Hardy to USDA Zone 8 and is generally frost hardy down to 20 degrees once established, however, young plants may be more frost sensitive.

Throughout Mexico and Central America, the young pads are peeled and fried or pickled. For more information on recipes and historical background of eating cacti please visit the Luther Burbank web page for this unique variety:

We will send you a pad from a mother cactus that will need to be rooted, which is a fairly simple procedure of placing it in a gallon pot of potting soil and not watering until you observe new growth.  At this point is when new roots are growing.  Watering before this point will make it rot. You will receive more detailed growing instructions with your order.

1 Un-rooted Cactus Pad: $12.00

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