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Siskiyou Seeds

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Farmer Don's Favorites Collections:

Perhaps you are not quite sure where to start?  I can sympathize that pouring over the hundreds of varieties of seeds available can be quite dizzying, In which case maybe you may be interested in Farmer Don's favorite collection of garden standby's. These include:

2 Options for different sized gardens

Small Garden: This collection of 16 sublime packets can plant a nice 10' x 10' space or a couple of raised beds.  As a package this is 16 packets that is a window into what makes a wonderfully unique garden of beautiful and delectable delights. 

• Lemon cucumbers - never bitter, the perfect fresh garden snack, that is tremendously productive over a long season.

•  Sweet Orange II Tomatoes - delicious garden snack tantalizing taste buds with an abundance of bright sweet fruits!!!

• Dark Star, Zucchini - Long harvest window is a good trait for farmer and gardener alike.  Remarkably vigorous.  

• Santo Cilantro - selected for slow bolting.  Allowed to go to seed it will resow itself readily.  Edible seed is known as coriander.

• Zanadoo Sweet Corn - a mixture of white and yellow kernels and we are finding this bi-color is promising to be a little sweeter than the single color white or yellow Anasazi cross corn lines.

• Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach - Spanakopita - say no more

• Alive Vates Kale - on farm breeding at it's best to create a work horse.  Kale Chips, Kale salads with Balsamic vinegar and so much more.

• Sputnik Arugula - super quick growing greens provide a delicious source of fresh and tasty greens - makes amazing pesto too!

• Crispmint Romaine Lettuce - lettuce wraps, salads and more.  Heat tolerant!

• Genovese Basil - my favorite pesto variety. Mild sweet flavor. Keep harvesting it to keep it from flowering and provide you with aromatic lovliness!

• Purple Dragon Carrot - delicious and nutritious! - and purple...

• Beets, Shiraz - Fast growing; big-tops, smooth round, red roots with outstanding vigor. The sweet, dark red roots are incredibly smooth due to their disease resistance.

• Radish, Cherry Belle - They grow so quickly and provide you with fresh food so easily they are perfect for filling in production gaps in your garden calendar

• Siskiyou Sweet Onion - a well adapted sweet onion with 20 years of organic, on-farm selection to produce a versitile work horse standby.

• Cascadia Peas - Super easy to grow bush variety does not require trellising. Need we say more? 

• Provider Snap Bush Beans - so productive and gorgeous

Large Garden - Seeds Enough for a 20' x 20' garden.  Includes all of the above plus:

 • Sharlyn Melon - Forget flying to the tropics people, stay home and grow these in your garden, eat ‘em in the sun and frolic with friends on a fruit sugar high! 

• Mesclun Mix - Keep planting this delicious mix of mustards, cress, kale, orach and more for tender salads all season.

• Italian Pole Beans - Old timers believe pole beans taste better than bush varieties.  Find out for yourself if the extra effort to trellis them is worth it...

• Black Dye Sunflower - forget trellising those beans and just grow them up these lovely and beauties.

• Winter Luxury Pumpkins - the jury is in and agrees that these small netted fruits make the best pie pumpkins

• Solstice Broccoli - After cutting the central head, the plant continues to produce abundant tasty side shoots for several months. In addition, the stems are very tender, which increases the amount of edible, delicious broccoli that may be harvested from each plant. 

• Prismatic Swiss Chard - as beautiful to behold as it is to use in the kitchen.

• Black Krim Tomato - This is a wonderful medium large heirloom slicer hailing from the isle of Krim in the Black Sea in Russia. The juicy flesh is marbled with green, brown, red and pink and is other-worldly in flavors!  One of the best.

• Diversity Mix Lettuce mix - direct seed for continuous salad crops.

• Festivity Sweet Corn - A new selection bred by Jonathan Spero of Lupin Knoll Farm that is the result of crossing Festivity with Tuxana sweet corn.  Open pollinated, cold tolerant, rainbow-colored, multi-stalked with frequently 3-4 ears per plant.  

Maruba Santoh Chinese Cabbage - grows rapidly to a large size creating abundant leaves for stir frys and works perfect for pickling into delicious fermets

SMALL: 16 packets for $60 (a savings of $12)

LARGE: 27 packet for $100 ( a savings of $22)

* Check out our Basic Seed Saving Book if you want a little help getting into saving your own garden seeds:



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