Pickle Garden Collection

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 22.50

Pickle Garden Collection:

For Lovers of Fermented Food - We bring you this collection of 6 vegetables that lend themselves well to making sauerkraut, kim chee, pickles and other lacto-fermented delights.  Includes the following packets (we may have to substitute for similar varieties):

• Miyashige Daikon Radish - a traditional ingredient in Korean Kim Chee, but a versitile root anyway you slice it.

• Nozaki Early Chinese Cabbage - An upright heading "Napa" style cabbage lends itself well to fermenting

• Little Leaf H-19 Cucumber - a perfect pickler, pick small and young for the best crisp

• Turnip, Purple Top White Globe - A true standby for smooth 3-4" easy to grow turnips.  Can grow much larger but harvested small is best for eating quality. Roots are Purple above the soil line and white below. 

• Red Express Red Cabbage - Who doesn't love colorful food? Cabbage can be fermented plain or added to other recipes.

• Shiraz Beet - Grated into various ferments or pickled on their own - beets are the king of color! Fast growing; big-tops, smooth round, red roots with outstanding vigor.

If you are new to making your own lacto-fermented recipes you may want to consider checking out Sandor Katz's excellent book the the subject, Wild Ferment

 Save $4.50 off the individual packet price!

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