Flower Seed CSA

Seven Seeds Farm

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Flower Seed CSA

Community Supported Seeds Program

Special New Year's Sale - enter discount code "SeedCSA" when ordering for a 10% discount until midnight 12/31/17

Here is a unique opportunity to be part of a community of seed stewards through enrolling in a membership with our Community Supported Seeds program for this year.  You will receive 4 shipments  of seasonally appropriate, open pollinated, organic flower seeds with special planting instructions and growing suggestions.  

For those of you unfamiliar with the CSA model, it was developed as a way for people to get more involved with the source of sustenance - our farms and farmers through supporting them directly.  Here is how it works: you sign up early in the season, helping the farmer with dearly needed early season cash-flow and a known customer base.  In exchange you receive more than fair market value in produce (the typical model) for your investment.

This new offering is designed to help you create continuous flowers for cutting bouquets or enjoying in the garden over a long season. We’ll send you seeds for planting on the dates listed in the following text. (Feb 1):  Classic Magic Bachelor Buttons, Pacific Beauty Calendula, White Nigella, Bells of Ireland, Lime Green Orach, Wali’s Mix Snapdragon, Nana’s Bicolor Sweet Pea, Prairie Sun Rudbeckia, Pink Peony Poppy, Bee’s Friend Phacelia; (Apr 1):  Salmon Mix Celosia, Echinacea, Holy ‘Tulsi’ Basil, Beauty Mix Scabiosa, Zeolights Calendula, Magic Yellow Feverfew, Amber Eye Sunflower, Maximilian Sunflower, Globe Thistle, Colorado Mix Yarrow;  (May 1):  Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, Scarlet Zinnia, Black Milo, Zulu Prince Daisy, Red Ruffled Basil, Rubenza Cosmos, Hyacinth Bean, Dyer’s Coreopsis, Shiso, Lady in Red Salvia;  (July 1): Mrs. Scott Elliot Columbine, Rattle Poppy, Jimmy’s Purple Haze Poppy, Geum, Lunaria, Sublime Dark Blue Larkspur, Calendula Zeolights, Sightseeing Mix Veronica, Black Tip Kamut, Indian Summer Mix Rudbeckia

40 packets for $120 + Free Shipping!

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