Dahlia Tubers

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This past growing season there were many moments when we would look up from our busy days and be forced to pause by the incredible beauty of the dahlia patch.  From that experience of wonder and reverence, we offer with grateful hearts an opportunity to create your own magical moments in the garden with this flower.  Beginning December 1st at 6am, you can pre-order one (or more) of our 21 varieties of certified organic dahlia tubers.  

We’ll hold your dahlia tubers in storage for the winter months, keeping them safely protected from frost, until we begin shipping in the warmer month of April 2019.  This is a great opportunity to source hard-to-find organic tubers grown by farmers whose names you know.  We will only be selling tubers grown at our home Seven Seeds Farm.  Most dahlias sold in the US are grown abroad and heavily treated with chemicals before arriving to your mailbox.  So, join us in enjoying a safe, truly local option.


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