Pastel Everlastings Collection

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 17.00

Pastel Everlastings Collection (5 packets) 

Some flowers are so perfect it’s hard to see them last such a short amount of time.  This is not true though with everlastings, or flowers that dry well.  In this mix of five different packets, you’ll be able to grow and dry blooms that will retain their delicate color and beauty for many months after harvest.  Create bouquets, wreaths, or include in other crafts like garlic braids.  Selected packets with growing tips include:  White/Pink Strawflower, Flamingo Feather Celosia, Rose Bi-Color Globe Amaranth, White Wonder Feverfew, Bells of Ireland.  We reserve the right to make substitutions to this collection with other similar varieties, if necessary.  

$17  (Save $2.75 off the individual packet price)

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