Coreopsis, Dyer's Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Coreopsis, Dyer’s Mix  ORGANIC

The brilliant crimson and gold variegated petals of this variety of Coreopsis warrant carrying it along with our Coreopsis Calliopsis, both of which can be used to dye textiles a color along the spectrum of gold to sienna.  Amongst the Dyer’s Mix, some plants exhibit bold, solid crimson petals, some bicolor gold/red, and others yellow-flecked red.  Use this coreopsis for a bold filler flower to accent other autumnal colored flowers.  Cut regularly for months of bloom.  Grown by SSF. 

Latin:  Coreopsis tinctoria

Height:  up to 24”

Light Requirements:  full sun

Days to Maturity:  80 days

Life Cycle:  annual

Spacing:  12”

CP2: Packet - 1/4 g (~350 seeds) - $3.95

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