Amaranth, Golden Giant

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Amaranth, Golden Giant, Amaranthus cruentus (100-110 days)

A late season grain amaranth that produces large orange/gold seed heads on top of 6 foot tall stalks. Edible green leaves with golden brown veins and stalks. Very productive, yeilding up to 1 lb of seed per plant. Easy to harvest, simply clip the heads and hang to dry. Once dry, thresh by stomping on them and winnow to remove chaff.  Lends diversity to our diet when incorporated as a staple to supplement other grains like rice, or ground into flour to mix into breads and pancakes. Gorgeous ornamental.  SSF & HOO

Packet (1 1/2g ≈ 1,000 seeds)

Bulk: 10 g.


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