Pepper, Aleppo

Dancing Bear Farm

$ 4.50



(80-90 days) Capsicum annum

Hailing from Aleppo, Syria, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities (since the 6th century BCE). We are pleased to introduce this heirloom from the old Silk Road and consider our brothers and sisters in Syria whose lives have been disrupted by the civil war there and envision peace prevailing. Although common in the Middle East, its use in the United States outside Armenian, Syrian and Turkish immigrant communities was rare until the 20th century. Typically used dried, its burgundy pods possess a fruity, raisin-like flavor with undertones of cumin. Plants can grow to 4 feet tall, so staking is necessary at times. Fruits are a deep brick red, 4-6” long, with a blunt-lobed tip reminiscent of a bell peppers lobes. 10,000 SHU. HEIRLOOM. DBF

Packet: (2/5 g ≈ 60 seeds) 

Bulk: 1g ( ~100 seeds)


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