Zinnia, Dreamin' Remix

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 5.00

Zinnia, Dreamin' Remix  (75 days)

The original The progenitor of this mix was originally Bred by Dylana Kapuler and maintained by Peace Seedlings that appears to be a cross between 2 species (Z.elegans x Z.haageana) that results in a wide array of multi-colored petals mainly in 2 variants: a yellow, orange, magenta, red and a pink and white. Comparable to the Zowie (F1), but more interesting with a taller growth habit.  An annual that grows up to 48” and is best spaced 12” apart. This iteration has crosses with the quilled petal cactus type zinnias, however all the mother plants were of the Dreamin’ mix, hence the name “Remix”. Lots of unique diversity to discover in this stunning grex!

Packet - 0.8g (~75 seeds)

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