Educational Event Calendar

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4/27-30/23 – Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Homestead Design Intensive (Collaboration with Seeds of Light)  

4/28/23 – Siskiyou Seeds Farm Tour (as part of Permaculture Homestead Design Intensive)                                 

5/11-14/23 – Spring Seed Academy - Siskiyou Seeds                                                       

5/12/23  Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour                                                     

6/3/23 – Planting a Dyer's Garden with Rebecca Mesritz  - Details coming soon!                                                       

6/8-11/23 –  Permaculture Intensive – Water Systems (Collaboration with Terra Lumin)      

6/9/23  Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour                                                              

9/9/23 – Siskiyou Seeds Farm Tour & Cider Tasting                                                      

10/6/23  Siskiyou Seeds Permaculture Farm Tour                                                     

10/5-8/23 – Fall Seed Academy - Siskiyou Seeds

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