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Thank you for visiting us here on the web.  We feel tremendously fortunate to be in a position to deliver vital, vigorous seed right from our farm and the fields of our growers to you.  We want to help you manifest your own version of a planted paradise!  


We are creating a new paradigm in seed distribution: farmers selling fresh, organic seed direct to other growers.  How novel!  Siskiyou Seed is a bioregional, certified organic seed bank and seed source for gardeners and small farmers.  Our offerings are the result of connecting seed growers, gardeners and farmers in a mutually beneficial relationship to support small-scale agriculture with superior genetics selected for the Pacific Northwest.  We grow and distribute certified organic, open pollinated seeds through seed racks, a catalog and our website.  Our goal is to produce most of the seed on our farm, Seven Seeds Farm and fields we manage in Southern Oregon’s Applegate valley.  We also work with successful, organic seed growers in the Applegate valley to increase the diversity of our offerings.  In this way we are able to offer well-selected fresh seed of exceptional vigor and quality that larger commercial sources cannot match due to their having to rotate stock through a variety of middlemen.  Through developing this network of seed producers we are strengthening our local seed security and seeding the revolution!  Siskiyou Seeds is one spoke of a larger movement that is occuring under the name of the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative - (www.organicseedcoop.com).

It is my sincere belief that we are light beings, that is to say that we feed on light (lightevores if you will) that has been filtered through the process of photosynthesis in plants or a bit of a longer journey of plants through the digestive tract of animals.  So please consider this perspective when planting your garden, and then as you consume those foods, luxurious crops of Black Tuscan kale, Peacevine Cherry tomatoes, Tangerine pimento peppers, Pepe de Rola beans, Isreali Haogen melons and more...that you will become the living embodiment of these photons, temporarily residing within plant tissue.  Our life force does indeed derive its source from the sun, a giant magnetic ball of hydrogen and helium plasma, 146 million kilometers from the Earth, whose light takes 8.3 minutes to reach us!  Staggeringly, the sun contains 99.86% of the mass in our solar system! 

So what we are doing as gardeners is carefully tending and arranging a living solar array to capture light and transmute it into a form that we find visually, and culturally appealing.   Alchemical transmutation!  And then consider the seed if you will....a dormant encapsulation of the full potential of the plant organism...it's all in there- roots, leaves, stems, flowers, pollen, fruit...just waiting for the right conditions of moisture, warmth and fertility to burst into growth.  Blessed are we, the midwives of this magic, gardeners at the gates of creation, dancing with the divine.

May your gardening efforts be rewarded with beauty and diversity that flourishes beyond your wildest imagination and blesses you, your family and the Earth with nutritious bounty and renewal for the soul!

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