Broccoli, Steve's Select Tender Early Green

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Broccoli, Steve's Select Tender Early Green, 

Brassica oleracea (60-80 days)

After several trials and years of hard selection, veteran seedsman, Steve Peters is releasing this improved old favorite. It has proved itself to be superior in an extremely wide range of environments, from the high desert of southern Arizona to the foggy coast of California. While the nicely domed central head is not as large as modern hybrids, it nonetheless offers multiple advantages. After cutting the central head, the plant continues to produce abundant tasty side shoots for several months. In addition, the stems are very tender, which increases the amount of edible, delicious broccoli that may be harvested from each plant. SRN

Packet (1/2 g ≈ 500 seeds)

1/2 ounce - ( ≈ 4,000 seeds)

 Ounce (≈ 8,000 seeds)


*Photo credit: Moria Peters


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