Cerinthe, Kiwi Blue


$ 3.95

Cerinthe, Kiwi Blue  ORGANIC

Cerinth overwinters spectacularly in our Zone 7 fields and is the first thing to bloom amongst all overwintered annuals, and flowers even before our anemones!  The Kiwi Blue produces cascading grey-green speckled foliage that terminated in a blue-purple bract.  This bract is the attraction of Cerinthe, but it actually hides a diminutive flower, and in this way is very similar to statice.  Cerinthe is also known as honeywort and it provides early season forage for bumblebees.  Grown by FLA.

Latin:   Cerinthe major purpurescens

Height:  Up to 30”

Light Requirements: Full sun

Days to Maturity:  70 days

Life Cycle:  Annual

Spacing:  12”

CKB:  1 packet for $3.95

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