Columbine, Barlow Mix

Siskiyou Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Columbine, Barlow Mix  Aquilegia vulgaris (365 days) 

Sow this unique, hardy perennial in spring for blooms the subsequent spring.  Petticoat-shaped, fully double, solid and bi-color nodding flowers atop long, strong stems provide something showy in the garden during the transition period from spring to summer.  Once established, plants produce multiple stems per plant and each stem has several flowers.  Blooms in a range of colors from rose to burgundy, violet, (nearly) black, and rose or purple with white variegation at the tips.  Delicate-looking (1.5” flowers) and a noteworthy addition to the front border.  Grows to 36”; space 9” apart and provide horizontal trellising for straight stems.

Packet 0.2g ~ 140 seeds 

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