Coreopsis, Dyer's


$ 5.00

Coreopsis, Dyer’s  (80 days) Coreopsis tinctoria 

The brilliant crimson and gold variegated petals of this variety of Coreopsis warrant carrying it along with our Coreopsis Calliopsis.  Both can be used to dye textiles a color along the spectrum of gold to sienna.  Amongst the Dyer’s Coreopsis, some plants exhibit bold, solid crimson petals, some bicolor gold/red, and others yellow-flecked red.  Use this coreopsis for a bold filler flower to accent other autumnal colored flowers.  Cut regularly for months of bloom.  An annual that grows up to 30” tall.  Space 12” apart.  A good dye plant.  FLA.

 Packet - (1/4g ~185 seeds)

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