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$ 4.50

EPAZOTE (aka Wormseed)

Dysphania ambrosioides - PERENNIAL

Formerly Chenopodium ambrosioides, known as wormseedJesuit's teaMexican-tea, payqu (paico), epazotemastruz, or herba sanctæ Mariæ, is an annual or short-lived perennial herb native to Central America long used as a medicinal and culinary herb.  Epazote is in the Chenopodaceae family and is related to lambsquarters and quinoa and is noted for its resinous medicinal pungency. The fragrance of D. ambrosioides is strong but difficult to describe. A common analogy is to turpentine or creosote. It has also been compared to citrus, savory and mint.  The most common use for this herb that grows to about 3 feet tall is in cooking with black beans for flavor and its supposed carminative (less gas) properties, although it is also widely used in Mexico and other parts of Central America in a wide variety of dishes. SUP.

Packet: (0.3g ~100 seeds)


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