Eryngium, Glitter Mix


$ 3.95

Eryngium, Glitter Mix  Eryngium planum  

A glistening, thistle-like flower with either a grey-green (white) or blue glittering sheen.  Spiny but manageable in arrangements, Eryngium is actually highly coveted by florists and brides for its interesting, wildflower-like texture.  Blooms hold for weeks in the garden and the vase.  Eryngium is also known as ‘Sea Holly’ and is a tough plant that tolerates drought, poor and salty soil conditions.  A perennial that grows up to 36” tall.  Very slow to germinate.  Space 9” apart.  FLA.


EGM:  1 packet (0.3g ~150 seeds) for $3.95

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