Gallardia, Firewheel

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Firewheel Gallardia , Gaillardia pulchella (100 days)  ORGANIC

A farm selection tending towards more red on the petals with less yellow at the tip.  Gaillardia is also known as Indian blanket and is a short-lived perennial or annual noted for its brilliant, daisy-like flowers. The large centers of the flowers are rose-purple and the dense, frilly petals are yellow, orange, crimson or copper scarlet. Flowers appear in summer and are 2-3 inches across and are held upon 18-36 in light green stems. Indian blanket grows in 14-24 in high mounds. A popular wildflower, cut flower, and it's bulbous centers also lend themselves to providing interesting texture in bouquets when flowers drop their petals.  SSF

GL1: Packet -1/2 g (~100 seeds) - $3.95

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