Globe Centurea

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.50

Globe Centaurea, Centaurea macrocephala   ORGANIC

This uncommon yellow-flowering, almost thistlelike perennial -- a native of the Caucasus -- was sent to Monticello by Bernard McMahon in 1812.  Also known as Armenian Basket Flower, this is a large-growing perennial best used towards the back of a sunny border. Plants form a clump of coarse, light-green leaves, bearing stems of large, shaggy thistle-like flowers with bright canary-yellow petals. Excellent for cutting, fresh or dried, and sometimes used by commercial florists. Plants are not invasive or weedy in the least. Dislikes being divided or moved once established. Extremely hardy, and a good choice for gardeners in prairie regions.

GC1: Packet -1 1/2 g (~80 seeds)- $3.50

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