Gourd, Peyote Rattle

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Gourd, Peyote Rattle  (120 days) 

Largenaria siceraria

Produces prodigious amounts of small (3-5” long) hourglass shaped gourds on very vigorous vines that can easily spread 10’ or scramble 15’ up a fence or trellis.  They require a long season to mature so we usually start them indoors 3-4 weeks before setting them outside after our last frost date.  They must be cured before using, which we accomplish by leaving them out all winter on pallets outside as the frost, rain and snow work their magic on them.  Selected for generations for the ideal size and shape to make rattles used in Native American Church ceremonies to accompany the traditional water drum. Very rewarding to grow and use!

Packet (5 g ≈ 25 seeds)

We also have nice 2 1/2"-3" gourd shells for those that would like to craft it into a rattle.

* Gourd Shells (please specify Small (~2")or Medium (~2.5") or Large (~3"):


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